Georgia is a country rich in history, traditions and friendship. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is a land of contrasts, an intoxicating mixture of eastern and western influences, spiked with soviet style strangeness and throes of renaissance, ambitious with new landmarks and transforming city escape. As first country in the world to adopt Christianity in 4th AD, one of the most striking features that you see here is a number of churches built in all kinds of magnificent settings. There is also 1.300 year old tradition of architecture and fresco painting, which is a significant expression of the nation’s artistic vision. It’s your journey into humanity and hospitality, a gem that you were waiting to discover.

Despite its small size, Georgia is ecologically interesting region incorporating Europe’s highest mountains and the subtropical coastline. National parks and protected areas cover more than 7% of the country. Thus the unspoiled local landscape is especially a heaven for eco-tourists. Due to the fact that Georgia has got the Europe’s highest biodiversity, it offers many opportunities for active holidays, such as mountaineering, skiing, mounatain biking, trekking, hiking, rafting & kayaking, horse-riding, bird watching, geological and botanical tours, you just name it and we are always ready to indulge your curiosity. Summits like Mt. Tetnuldi (4974m), Mt. Ushba (4710m), Mt. Shkhara (5068m); Mt. Kazbek (5033m), offer the challenges to all kind of adventure travelers. Moreover there are numerous glaciers and excellent rock-climbing opportunities for everybody in the country. These places are becoming very popular within paragliders as well. Bike and 4x4 adventure tours are easy to arrange too. Western part of Georgia is dotted with an amazing array of cave systems, underground rivers, lakes and limestone scenery. So why wait? When now is the right time to embark on a new journey into the magnificent snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, full of hidden valleys and glaciers. 

Imagine Yourself …

  • Travelling back to different eras while wondering through the incredible cave towns
  • Getting lost in enchanting sounds of Georgia’s polyphonic music
  • Feeling alive while watching vigorous and graceful dancers leap high in the air in frenetic Georgian choreography
  • Marveling in fierce and fabled village of Ushguli, where the traditions are still endured at highest settlement of Europe
  • Strolling through the streets of enigmatic Tbilisi Old Town
  • Taking the long walks in nature reserves and national parks to witness pure beauty of the fall colors
  • Fulfilling your adventure and travel needs on your ski holidays in Georgia
  • Jumping on the saddle and galloping through Georgia's colorful forest paths