Georgia is distinguished with its abundant thermal and mineral waters, curative mud deposits treating various diseases while refreshing your body, mind and soul. The country is adjoining the sub-tropical zone bordering the Greater Caucasus Range, the Plateau of volcanic origin and the Black Sea. This diverse topography is the main factor of the availability of different types of balneological and climate health resorts found throughout the country. There are approximately 2 000 mineral and thermal springs of different chemical composition with a profound history and tradition of putting them to use. Various diseases can be prevented and cured with the help of local mineral waters such as cardio vascular system disease, nervous system disorder, dermatologic and endocrine diseases, etc. Besides the thermal and mineral waters, there are pseudo-volcanic muds found in Georgia which are mostly used for treating various chronically inflammation diseases. Hence with a wide range of health and wellness programmes, serene and picturesque landscapes as well as dedicated staff you are sure to reach your desired goals in your wellness journey in Georgia. 

Imagine yourself...

  • Pampering in world-famous hot sulfar baths in Tbilisi
  • Indulging in the various signature mineral water treatments
  • Attaining an ageless body and a timeless mind druing Aquatic therapies 
  • Enjoying the healing properties of a geothermal mud wrap
  • Feeling the refreshing taste of mineral spring waters
  • Finding freedom from stress and anxiety after the spa procedures