Yoga Instructor

Alvaro Higueras was trained in Rome and Vancouver to become a 200h accredited Yoga teacher. The Peruvian Yogi has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years. Alvaro teaches Hatha Yoga that is the classic stem of Yoga but concentrates details and sequences of asana on Anusara-inspired Yoga (stemmed from Iyengar Yoga). His practice is a combination of mind, breath, and movement, in that order: You will first shape the mind to it, then breath to gather energy and only then we move, in the last link of the asana. Alvaro incorporates details of Kundalini Yoga (of awakening the Shakti or the core), Himalayan/Sukshma Yoga (of dormant/slow movement of small muscles) and  vinyasa yoga (when we give some flow to a sequence of asanas, especially in Sun salutation). His classes will leave you enjoying the physical wonder of the human body that leads to relaxed states of being.

Wellness Coach

Ekaterine is a DISC specialist and a professional coach certified by Erickson International. As a wellness coach she successfully incorporates wellness and mind body techniques in her trainings and private practice. For years she has assisted people to develop emotional intelligence, transform their views and relationships, aspire towards their big goals. Ekaterine has achieved significant results herself in transforming her habits and building up her wellness puzzle. Therefore, her interest towards nutrition, healthy lifestyle, meditation and reiki have been rewarding both for her clients and herself. Ekaterine has two kids and two dogs, all of them enjoying rainbow vegetables