SHANTE  first retreat-center in the mountains of Georgia. It’s located in Latali village (Upper Svaneti), cozy and silent place, where life just goes authentically slow and easy. Many people believe Svaneti is the heart of Georgia, a place of force, which one should visit at least once in a lifetime... there's no other place in the world where the mountains are that close, and the earth is that powerful, and people that hospitable. 

What differs SHANTE center from all other incredible places in Georgia, is cupola-looking hall, built on the edge of a mountain, so one can see the panorama of ravins and snowy peaks. The space is round, so the energy inside of it flows in a natural way – easily and effortlessly ...

Facilities of Hotel Shante: 

Outdoors: Yoga Hall, Outdoor Terrace, 

Activities: Horse riding; Hiking; Bicycle rental