Laced with weekend travel and 5 day per week of volunteer work, it is a completely fulfilling volunteer travel experience that fits your packed schedule.

Project enables volunteers to support organic farming efforts within communities. This project is designed for those volunteers who are up for a challenge, who enjoy the more physical aspect of volunteering and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  The key role of volunteers involve both crop and animal farming. The tasks involve assisting with fertilizing and clearing land for growing crops, planting crops, harvesting and farming sheep up in the mountains. If you are to volunteer during Wine Harvest - "rtveli" period, you will also get the unique chance to be engaged in UNESCO protected Georgian wine making process. 

Did you know that Georgia is listed in two of the world’s 34 “biodiversity hotspots"? A wide array of ecosystems is concentrated in a relatively small area contributing to the uniquely high level of biodiversity. This is a perfect opportunity for volunteers to observe the rich flora and fauna at Georgan National Parks. The volunteer will live and work onsite at the base of Protected areas of Georgia. While enjoying the unique eco-system volunteers will work alongside the Natiol Park's staff.  Your overall goal is to assist the staff in ensuring that visitors to the park are safe and happy, and that the natural environment is preserved. The duties included are inspecting the park, reporting any problems like blocked trails and noting potential risks like overflowing rivers. Additional tasks may include enforcing park rules, monitoring animals and if applicable, run nature centers or gift shops on the premise. The local staff place volunteers based on needs at a time.

The coastal and terrestrial environments in Georgia are diverse in species and ecosystems. However, pollution, resource depletion and other impacts affect habitats and species, with human activities in the area also influencing the ecosystem and putting biodiversity at risk. Volunteers on this project will have the opportunity to join a variety of activities which focus on the protection of ecosystems. The tasks include beach clean-ups, identifying types of litter, abundance and location of litter, sources of pollution, dynamics of pollution. Additional the duties may involve supporting partner organizations in marketing and creating educational material on protection and pollution.