Zen Travel Voluntours - volunteer and travel programs are ideal for people who want to combine traveling with short term volunteering.

The major objective of the programme is to coach children in a range of different sports to improve their basic skills and techniques. Volunteers are to lead their own classes in a variety of sports in schools. Sports in Georgia are extremely popular and there are so many children wishing to participate, but due to a lack of resources in rural areas opportunities are limited. Bringing energy and enthusiasm with you, you’ll be teaching a variety of different sports including football, rugby and basketball. In addition to this, tasks may include planning match strategies and leading practice games. 

Time after time festivals all around the world depend on the devoted work of volunteers. Though it may seem like all fun and games while you are in attendance, there is actually a ton of work done in order to make festivals run smoothly and without a hitch. Volunteers often  play key roles in setting up, welcoming visitors and dismantling afterwards. In addition to this, tasks may include distributing promotional materials and acting as ambassadors tu guard and monitor the festival areas/venues.  Volunteering at a festival abroad is your opportunity to earn free admittance, get a unique backstage view into how festivals run, and experience the excitement of another culture’s revelry.

No matter what beliefs and customs each country possess, there are unique local events, that celebrate something dear and near. Georgia often organizes small festivals to celebrate events, local traditions and anniversaries. Volunteers play similar roles as in 'Festival Project' and that would be setting up, welcoming guests and dissmantling. However in addition to this, Volunteering for events require to take initiatives, brainstorm ideas and take a lead for events tu run succesfuly.