Below there are few projects to consider in order to spark your giving side:

If you are eager to help local communities in Georgian villages to increase access to education, Zen Travel volunteer program enables you to work along with local teachers with the objective of promoting greater literacy, supporting opportunities for higher education, building vocational skills and enhancing career prospects among the students. Especially the opportunity to study English is highly valued in the rural communities. In some areas of Georgia, public schools do not have the means to offer extra-curricular activities to students, hence volunteers will be also placed in the program to provide extra-curricular workshops for local children. Volunteers do not have to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate within the Teaching Project as they will receive the guidance from a local coordinator and a teacher. 

The Special Needs Care project provides volunteers the opportunity to motivate and enrich the lives of the people with a range of mental and physical disabilities. There are many centers for special needs in Georgia where because of the lack of personnel, they are unable to properly care for young children and adults with various disabilities such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome. ‚Äč Volunteers on this project will assist local staff in classroom based activities, general care, play time and meal breaks. Also, volunteers will be expected to assist in the planning of various educational activities. The objective of your role as an international volunteer is to promote better wellbeing habits, while engaging in the cross-cultural learning experience with the people you are caring for.

Childcare volunteers are in high demand in Georgia to ease the workload of local workers who care for the children. Many of these children come from extremely poor families and are in desperate need of love and attention. Children  from less-privileged families are sent to orphanages to receive education, care and food. Within the framework of the project, volunteers will work with local staff in providing care and attention to the children as well as cleaning rooms, joining entertainment activities and assisting with feeding time.

Since in Georgia, the elderly care centers get scarce financial assistance from the government, the support of international volunteers within the centers is greatly appreciated. In these centers, volunteers are encouraged to offer companionship, conversation, love, food and medication to elders while occasionally helping with cleaning and operational tasks. In addition, international volunteers’ help is invaluable in supporting their overall wellbeing. By spending one on one time with the elders, volunteers are offering friendship, cross-cultural sharing, and the attention they so desperately crave.

If you have a passion for animals, there are opportunities to provide care for abandoned cats and dogs in animals shelters in Georgia. Volunteers may work at Tbilisi Zoo or the dog shelters. All of the animals that are cared for in the zoo/shelter are vaccinated. The vital part of the project is to assist in the protection of these animals, providing human company and support in feeding procedures, medical treatment and playtime. Tasks also include bathing and brushing the dogs, cleaning cages and last but certainly not least sharing love and affection with them. Cleaning cages and providing maintenance to their facilities is also an important work. 

Are you eager to gain an international working experience as well as build capacity and support the long-term goals of NGOs operating in Georgia? Our NGO Support program will enable you to help those organizations with the day-to-day operations and gain a greater understanding of NGOs work structure. In order to improve the services NGOs offer, the range of tasks assigned may include but not limited to general administration, grant writing, research, marketing and public relations, fundraising, IT support, website development, translation, etc. Duties are assigned based on the priority of tasks at the time of the program and in accordance with the volunteer's skills, experience and interests.