Georgia is a country rich in history, traditions and friendship. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is a land of contrasts, an intoxicating mixture of eastern and western influences, spiked with soviet style strangeness and throes of renaissance, ambitious with new landmarks and transforming city escape. As first country in the world to adopt Christianity in 4th AD, one of the most striking features that you see here is a number of churches built in all kinds of magnificent settings. There is also 1.300 year old tradition of architecture and fresco painting, which is a significant expression of the nation’s artistic vision. It’s your journey into humanity and hospitality, a gem that you were waiting to discover.

Georgia will take you in like no other county in the world, it boasts warmth, charm and gracious people thus hospitality is the cornestone of Georgia's culture. Let us guide you to the country where legendary stories of Medea and Argonauts unfold, where the first human civilization outside of Africa was settled, where Christianity was adopted in early IV century and winemaking has been practiced for over 8,000 years. If you ever wondered why people have been falling in love with Georgia since the begining of time, visit ancient cave towns such Vardzia, David-Gareja or Uplistikhe, hear folk stories expressed with polyphonic songstraditional dance or national ballet,  admire architecture of castles in Shatili (Khevsureti), fortifications in Mestia (Upper Svaneti) and centuries-old churches in Mtskheta.

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Insider Tip:

Georgia is a four-season destination thus there is always a way to stay active throughout the year.