Georgia is a country rich in history, traditions and friendship. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is a land of contrasts, an intoxicating mixture of eastern and western influences, spiked with soviet style strangeness and throes of renaissance, ambitious with new landmarks and transforming city escape. 
Let us guide you to the country where legendary stories of Medea and Argonauts unfold, where the first human civilization outside of Africa was settled, where Christianity was adopted in early IV century and winemaking has been practiced for over 8,000 years. If you ever wondered why people have been falling in love with Georgia since the beginning of time  visit ancient cave towns, hear folk stories expressed with polyphonic songs and traditional dances, admire architecture of centuries-old castles, fortresses and churches scattered all around the country

REFRESHING SPRING RETREAT takes place in Tskaltubo, Imereti which is exceptionally rich in history and natural beauty. It is best remembered as the land of the legendary Golden Fleece, where Jason and the Argonauts arrived in search of this precious trophy. You may not believe in legends but you will surely be amazed by the beauty of Prometheus Carst Cave. Stalactites, stalagmites, petrified stone waterfalls, underground river and lake make a perfect atmosphere for a mysterious boat ride in the cave. Sataplia Reserve is another place to visit, if you want to take a leap in history and touch the footprints of dinosaurs.  The heart of the region Kutaisi is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. It was founded around 4 millenniums ago and still amazes its visitors. Close by lies Tskaltubo, a well-known spa resort area that has promoted healthy living, relaxation, and medical tourism since the Soviet era. 

There is no trip in Georgia complete without a visit to Tbilisi - most unique capital in the world. Tbilisi feels European, medieval and completely foreign all at once, it seems to change after each and every quarter, leaving you amazed and inspired. 

9 reasons to visit Georgia now:  ... " whether it’s the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Mtskheta’s Svetitskhoveli Cathedral or Kutaisi’s Bagrati Cathedral, or the dramatic hill top position of the church in Kazbegi, Georgia’s churches never fail to paint a pretty picture."  - CNN