You say WHY? We say WHY NOT?!

Yoga is an ancient discipline and Georgian Wine has the history dating back to 8000 BC. This trip is a sensual experience combining mindfulness and fun.

First we practice yoga across the farm to enhance all our senses. As tastes are heightened, mouthfeel is intensified and fragrances deepened, then you can better taste the rich depths of Georgian wine. You will also learn the ancient and sacred traditions of wine making in Georgia.

A Full Day Trip Highlights:

Instruction Language: Georgian / English / Russian



This program is arranged for those who want to add special experience to their holiday. Laced with 1 hour yoga practice in the nature and volunteering opportunity, it is a completely fulfilling adventure that relives you from daily packed schedule. Lisi Lake Dog Shelter is the place where you will get an opportunity to support animals in feeding, walking and playtime. And last but certainly not least sharing love and affection is also an integral part of the program.  

A Full Day Trip Highlights:   

All of the animals that are cared for in the shelter are vaccinated; Instruction Language: Georgian / English / Russian



This program is perfect for team building and mindful experience. It is a journey full of the adventure you seek, the peace of mind you desire and the relaxation you deserve. 

You will practice yoga in the vicinity of Rkoni monastery complex (VII-XVIII cc.) which is located in the beautiful Tedzami gorge. Enjoy the peaceful vibes around as you walk over one-span Bridge – the best specimen of the bridges of medieval Georgia. Explore the breathtaking setting of fortress of Rkoni (XVII c.) which is stretched between the monastery and the village ruins. 

Healthy vegetarian food is part of the retreat experience. The cuisine is simple, delicious and Georgian-inspired, using fresh ingredients from the local markets. Selection is seasonal, and you can guarantee to love and appreciate each bite.

A Full Day Trip Highlights:

Instruction Language: Georgian / English / Russian