A visit to Georgia is a true feast. We welcome you to the country where Food & Wine is a second religion.  You might not know it, but many discoveries have led the world to believe that Georgia is the birthplace of wine. It has oldest unbroken tradition of wine making using unique Qvevri – the pot-bellied clay amphora lined with beeswax and buried in the earth. This method, developed 8 000 years ago, has not been abandoned since, moreover it remains the best practice and is now protected by UNESCO. Today over 500 varieties of grapes are cultivated here that is the greater diversity than anywhere else in the world. Georgia is becoming the World’s next big wine destination, an extraordinary place, where wines are older and wise, still wild and raw. So if you are looking for fascinating and intriguing tasting adventure, Georgia is absolute must.

The wine is usually drank at Supra, which is traditional Georgian Dinner Party where the table is piled high with multiple Georgian dishes - original and very specific to the country. The cuisine offers a variety of dishes that heavily rely on herbs and spices, homemade cheeses and breads, and on organic food, that has not been picked unripe, irradiated with argon or genetically engineered. Here you will soon realize how much better the 'real' food tastes!

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