Are you tired of struggling with anxiety? Insecurities? Emptiness? Engaging in relationships that leads you nowhere? Do you need to build courage and confidence to live the life of your dreams?

Unsolved emotional wounds decrease your ability to create rewarding relationships and a significant career.  But the good news is, you can HEAL! It is an absolutely relaxing retreat with sunrise meditations, yoga practices, mindfulness and other holistic experiences. When the world around you moves so fast, find yourself in the appreciation of vibrant sunset over the mountains with fresh detox drink in your hands. While enjoying cultural diversity and natural beauty, Kakheti is the destination where we help you to lead healthier and happier lifestyle.  

Program Description:

Start your retreat program with indulging yourself in signature spa treatments in the world famous Tbilisi Sulfar Baths.The retreat itslef will take place at a beautiful property in the LOVE city Sighnaghi where you can literally feel the frequency and vibrancy of the healing surroundings and mountain energy.

During the program we will practice meditation and yoga every morning and evening using a variety of different yoga styles: Asthanga, Hatha and Vinyasa. We will have coaching classes and positive psychology sessions in the afternoon. These workshops will allow you to shift beliefs which no longer serve you. The yoga classes are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Enjoy me-time with fresh, healthy, local sourced food options and experience a deeper sense of connection with your body, mind, and spirit. As we combine healing and travelling, we also let you explore Georgian culture by visiting historic landmarks and sampling local finest wines at family-owned wine cellar. There is always free time for your independent leisure and adventure activities.

Let us help you learn how to transform your current relationship with yourself and positively impact the relationships you have now. Learn the secrets of deepening your understanding of yourself and your loved ones so you can develop compassion and acceptance for all. New habits and behavior patterns gained during the retreat program will definitely ensure the positive impacts on your life!

Price Includes:

Optional Activities for Extra Charge:


All activities are optional leaving plenty of time for independent adventure or leisure

Group Size: Minimum 5 particiapants are required for the retreat 

Nearest Fixed Departure Dates:  24 / SEPTEMBER/ 2018; 24 / OCTOBER/ 2018

Early Bird Price (3 months prior to departure date): USD 1299 per person shared occupancy / single occupancy USD 1500

Standard Price: USD 1399 per person shared occupancy / USD 1630 single occupancy

* Only couple travelers are eligible for shared occupancy rate