Start 2018 off right with this 'New Year, New You' Yoga Retreat in Georgia and allow yourself to realign, focus and prepare yourself for the year ahead. This program is a fantastic treat for those who wish to truly disconnect, relax and have tons of fun!  

New Year’s is the time where your new cycle starts. The week is packed with exciting activities that will keep you busy, along with lots of relaxing & self-awareness sessions to calm your mind and nourish your soul.

This retreat program is hosted in famous ski resort which is an excellent place for a retreat since it boasts with gorgeous scenery, snow-capped mountains, hospitable people and wealth of adventure and cultural activities. Moreover you are invited to various transformative experiences which will help you shift your perspective and release your limits. Take this time for yourself…

Program Description

Each day will combine techniques focusing on balancing and awakening each energetic center with meditation, pranayama, yoga, and workshops to help realign, reconnect with what matters, and what you really love.

When the mystical sun sets on the passing year you will embark on a magnificent journey into 2018 with a positive attitude. What a perfect gift for the New Year. Use the time of the holiday reflecting on the past year, setting intentions and making resolutions for 2018. Learn how to nourish yourself and your needs for a healthy, happy new year full of sustainable energy, happiness and wellness.

Take time to deepen relationship with your inner self during yoga practice and meditations. Every morning starts with saluting the first rays of sun proceeding with a more active practice to build some heat and open up those tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders. As you step on the mat, you start to naturally flow with the rhythm of surrounding vibrations, learning to listen to your beautiful body with a big smile on your face.

Enjoy the Tibetan singing bowls meditation or evening pranayama followed by the peaceful contemplation later. Explore chakra-cleansing meditation techniques which will help you bring healing and balancing to your chakras and soul.

At the end of the day our yoga instructor will lead the trance dance class which incorporates movement, sound, dance, breathing which deepens our connection to our selves, to each other and the entire universe.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, health kick, quiet meditation, little indulgent or holiday with free time and various activities thrown in, 'New Year, New You' Yoga Retreat program will help you work towards your desired goals so you return home with a sense of inner peace and zen. So why wait? When now is the right time to embark on a new journey!

Price Includes:

Activities for Extra Charge:


All activities are optional leaving plenty of time for independent adventure or leisure

Group Sizemin 5 participants are required for the retreat

Nearest Fixed Departure Date:  23 / February / 2018

Program Price: USD 955 per person shared occupancy / single occupany USD 1280 per person

* Only couple travelers are eligible for shared occupancy rate